Renaissance Papers 2018 Published

Contributors: Nathan Dixon, Lisandra Estevez, Melissa J. Rack, Robert Lanier Reid, Rachel M. De Smith Roberts, Deneen Senasi, Jonathon Shelley, Kendall Spillman, John Wall, and Don E. Wayne.

Table of Contents

One Little Room, An Everywhere”: Staging Silence in London’s Blackfriars and Shakespeare’s Henry VIII¬† –Deneen M. Senasi¬†

“What they are yet I know not”: Speech, Silence, and Meaning in King Lear – John N. Wall

Shakespearean EpiphanyRobert Lanier Reid

Between the “triple pillar” and “mutual pair”: Love, Friendship, and Social Networks in Antony and Cleopatra Jonathan Shelley

“Beauty Changed to Ugly Whoredom”: Analyzing the Mermaid Figure in The Changeling – Kendell Spillman

Imagining the Other in a Cuzco Defense of the Eucharist – Lisandra Estevez

A Critique of Poor Reading: Antissia’s Madness in The Countess of Montgomery’s Urania – Rachel M. De Smith Roberts

“Thou thyself likewise art lyttle made”: Spenser, Catullus, and the Aesthetics of “smale poemes – Melissa J. Rack

The ordo salutis: Sacred Circularities in John Donne’s “Good Friday 1613. Riding Westward” – Nathan Dixon

“Broken-Backed” Texts: Meritocracy and Misogyny in Ben Jonson’s The Forrest – Don E. Wayne