SRC Member John Wall Launches Donne Cathedral Project

SRC Member John Wall is launching the Virtual John Donne Project. The project uses digital modeling technology to explore, in their public setting, events in the early years of Donne’s career as Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral. The Virtual St Paul’s Cathedral Project enables us to experience worship and preaching at St Paul’s Cathedral as events that unfold over time and on particular occasions in London in the early seventeenth century. Similarly, the Virtual Paul’s Cross Project provides the experience of hearing Donne’s sermon for Gunpowder Day, November 5th, 1622 in Paul’s Churchyard, the specific physical location for which it was composed. Also currently under construction is the Trinity Chapel Project, which will include documents from the archives of Lincoln’s Inn as well as a visual model of Trinity Chapel as it is believed to have been in 1623.

Please join us in congratulating John on this fascinating project and remarkable achievement! 

Click here to view the Virtual John Donne Project home page.